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Developing the Whole Child

The Dominican Way

A Living Tradition

The network of Dominican Schools and Colleges in Ireland has inherited a rich tradition in Education. Each succeeding generation has found new ways of passing on Christian values. Now at the beginning of another millennium with its advanced technology and new means of conveying information and knowledge, we discern how these resources can assist us to continue to build a community centred on Christ.

In our search for Truth we –

  • work together
  • learn to make informed judgements
  • pray together
  • forgive each other
  • develop individual gifts and talents.

The School and the Family

We aim to establish a real partnership which will –

  • enable parents to feel at ease within the school community
  • involve them in their child’s education
  • help Staff and parents to work in harmony to provide the very best for each individual child.

Faith and Culture – A Synthesis

‘Fill your minds with everything that is good’ (St Paul, Phil 4:8). Inspired by these words and by the Parable of the Talents (Matt 25: 14-30), we provide a broad curriculum which involves –

  • an appreciation of the varying gifts of each student
  • striving for academic excellence, aware that this will not be the same for each one
  • a considered approach to competition
  • a constant effort to synthesise faith and culture so that intellectual develop- ment and growth as a Christian go hand in hand.

Religious Education

Formation in the specifically Catholic tradition of our schools will involve –

  • a programme of Religious Education as specified by the Diocese
  • a liturgical programme which makes available to students the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church
  • involvement in and sensitivity to Ecumenism through knowledge and activities
  • welcoming students from other traditions in our schools
  • encouraging students to strive for a more just and peaceful society and according to their capacity, probe the issues involved.

Pastoral Care

We proclaim the essential goodness of all creation and of the human person made in the image of God. Reflecting on the Parable of the Sower, we foster a pastoral approach which is embedded in the daily life of the school and is characterised by –

  • eliciting the co-operation of students
  • forming good relationships between staffs, parents and students.

The School and the Environment

We seek-

  • to create surroundings which promote refinement of thought and care for God’s gifts
  • to promote an awareness of care of the earth
  • to make our schools inviting places of learning.

Developed in a spirit of trust and freedom, linked with responsibility
Open to the wider community – local, national, European and global
Mindful of Justice issues
Inclusive rather than exclusive
Needs of the individual supported
Immersed in Gospel values
Catholic in focus, daily practice, liturgy and prayer
Always gentle, reverent towards others
Nourishes the gifts of each student – all made in the image of God

Elicits the co-operation of students
Directs its efforts towards integrating faith and culture
United as a Staff with a common vision
Community based with Christ as centre
Alert to the signs of the times and willing to adapt to changing conditions
Truth pursued in every area and seen as a life-long search
Involves parents in a meaningful way
Opposed to unhealthy competition, academic cramming
Need for pastoral care essential