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Developing the Whole Child

Year 14 DigiTech pupils’ heads in the cloud!


Tuesday 7th May witnessed our Year 14 Digital Technology pupils visit Seagate, in Derry, for a personalised tour of the facility.

Seagate stands as a prominent global leader in cloud storage, renowned for its innovative contributions to computer and data centre solutions. It has 53 sites worldwide and a workforce exceeding 40,000 individuals and is a major local employer.

During the visit, our pupils had the invaluable opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the Seagate facility, providing an immersive insight into its cutting-edge operations and technological infrastructure.

Pupils learned about the mind-blowing technology in use by Seagate as they develop products and solutions for cloud storage, local storage and cutting-age, next generation data storage solutions.  Some pupils even got to try on the suits needed for the ‘clean rooms’!

Pupils witnessed firsthand the processes behind the production of hardware for storage solutions, enriching our pupils’ understanding of modern technology, linked closely to their A Level Digital Technology specification.

Pupils were joined, on tour by Mrs McTaggart and kindly transported to and from Derry, by Mr Carey.